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What is a permanent Cosmetic enhancement?

These are 4 terms used for the highly skilled and sophisticated process of applying pigmented colours into the dermal skin layers where it remains for up to 18 months and sometimes longer.

The most popular treatments available are:

This craft can also be used to create Para-medical Enhancements to improve the appearance of:


What are the benefits of a Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement?

You will instantly receive a mini makeover or a non surgical lift. First and foremost, you will look fantastic all day, every day as it has been meticulously applied and is considered to be a great time saver.


Eyebrows frame your face and when designed properly can actually lift the overall eye and give the instant appearance of 10 years younger! Ladies whose eyebrows are sparse or have been over-plucked can enjoy perfectly shaped and coloured brows using the hair-stroke or colour mist method.

Lip Enhancements:

This immediately intensifies the colour of the lips as well as correcting the shape in some cases. Thin lips can then be shaded to give extra volume. Colours are chosen and mixed to individual preference and suitability.

Eye Enhancements:

'Eyes are the window to your soul', therefore, Eyeliner and Enhancements stand out, especially for those with fair and sparse eyelashes – Enhancing the natural colour and shape can instantly wake up tired eyes.

Pre and Post Procedure Information

A consultation is carried out with each individual who wishes to have an enhancement. At the consultation, a thorough examination is carried out with everything from expectations to colour suitability and medical information is assessed.

Prior to pigment infusion, a sensitivity test will be carried out by every individual to ensure an allergic reaction does not occur. Immediately after the pigment infusion process, the colour appears about 30% darker.

A re-touch procedure is performed on every client approximately 4 weeks after the original enhancement - this will enable any pigment loss to be replaced and is included in the initial cost.


Who Chooses to receive a Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement?

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21. Before

22. After

30. eyebrow before

31. hairstroke eyebrow after

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26. After


17. Before

18. After

Immediately after procedure
(swelling can be evident)

23. Before

24. After

28. before lip

29. after lip blush (immediately after)

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1. eyeliner before

2. thick eyeliner after

3. eyeline before

4. eyeliner after



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